My 2017.

2017 has been a year of bravery. 

A year of doing things I never thought I would do-- nor did I think I was capable of.

Being a student in college, pursing photography seemed unrealistic. I battled with the "I'll just wait until I graduate," and the " "No one will take you seriously because you are young," lies. But Jesus gently pushed me towards my passion and I went for it. 

Was it hard to balance school and photography? As well as my faith, friends, a boyfriend, family, and taking care of myself? Oh Heavens YES. But, I wouldn't trade that hardship for the world.

I did it. With the help of my Savior and the love of those close to me. 

I am proud of myself for taking the difficult road and pushing myself to do more. Of course, it is scary, but this year, I have learned that comfort is the enemy of progress and I chose and continue to choose to progress.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart to everyone who trusted me to take their senior photos, family photos, engagement photos, wedding photos and everything in between. YOU are the reason that this year was what it was. I cannot put into words the gratitude I feel toward each and everyone of you. Genuinely. 

Here is a small scrapbook of a few experiences/photos from the year that are close to my heart.

I Traveled along the west coast with my closest friends.

Filmed the most beautiful wedding in Vail, Colorado.

I went to Utah with my best friend.

I Photographed my close friend, Jo Johnson's, surprise proposal! She thought Joe Crockett and I were just having them model for us-- tehe she had no idea.

Swam in the ocean for the first time in Destin, Florida with Jo Johnson.

I went on a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

I had a super long layover in L.A. Thanks Joe Crockett for the photos :)

I visited and fell in love with Portland, Oregon. 

AND... photograhed and filmed the most incredible weddings!!!

Thaddeus + Christian

I shot a wedding in October where I met the most incredible bridesmaids. There were well over 10 of them, but every single woman I came in contact with was so warm and encouraging. God has been so wonderful with building those relationships past that wedding date and now- months later- I am still in contact with most of them. Christian was one of those bridesmaids and now I have the privilege of shooting her wedding in July!! The relational aspect of photography is by far my favorite part of the job and it has been so wonderful to walk next to Christian during this engagement process and later on, her wedding day. 

Christian and Thaddeus are a beautiful example of a relationship that is rooted in Christ and their love for each other is like a light-- something that everyone can see and because of it, you feel happy and encouraged. Their engagement session was easy-going, uplifting and so much fun. They are absolutely lovely in every way and I pray that these photos show that. 

Daniel + Olivia

I think it is safe to say that wedding videography is outside of my comfort zone. While I have done videos in the past, it is an area that continues to challenge me each and every time. This is exactly why I have fallen in love with it. More than photography? Who’s to say. I just know that there is something very special about bringing small moments to life- moments that often get lost in the whirlwind bliss of a wedding day.

I am so thankful for Daniel and Olivia and for their trust they put in me and my work. Being a part of their magical day was something very special. They were married in the church that Olivia’s parents AND grandparents were married in; making their entire day rich with sentimental history. I hope you all enjoy the wedding story of Daniel + Olivia. This is a story I feel blessed to be able to share. 

Taylor + Kelby

Earlier this month, Taylor + Kelby drove to Fayetteville, Arkansas from Waco, Texas for their engagement photos.

The day was cold; the wind tugging at Kelby’s hair; our fingers turning white. But they didn’t seem to mind. We laughed about the motivation it gave them to get close, embrace, & to run fiercely through the fields to keep warm. It was the cold and their love for each other that made this session so intimate.

Their positivity & enthusiasm radiated that day and it makes me eager for their (warm) summer wedding. I am so thankful to be a part of this season with them.

Jon + Christina

Jon + Christina share something special. Their wedding day, January 6th, 2017, was all about their love; nothing else. It was just them (with me quietly following in the shadows) and the officiant, of course. The day focused on their covenant they made to each other and to God without the hindering distractions that could often arise during a large wedding . Their day was raw, intimate, and simple, yet beautiful. 

We started the day off getting Christina's hair and makeup done by the lovely Shayley Benham. While playing Christina’s wedding day playlist she had made the night before, we drove to the Justice of Peace Office where Jon + Christina saw each other for the first time. The marriage license was signed, vows were exchanged and tears were most definitely shed. After they said ‘i do’ within the walls of a small conference room, we ran outside to the snow- warm with adrenaline and bliss. We ran around town like children, giggling out of pure happiness because they had officially eloped. 

Love doesn’t necessarily call attention to itself. It is not always meant to be loud. Only the officiant and I heard the vows shared between Jon & Christina; a humbling and beautiful experience I will never forget. 

The Wampler Family

In 8th grade, I went through confirmation at my church in Kansas City. Rebekah Wampler, my group leader, inspired & guided me through many question, doubts, and joyous moments. My faith blossomed that year because of her sweet wisdom and support.

6 years later, she is now the mother of two sweet boys. while we don't talk on a regular basis, my admiration for her has yet to cease. This year, as christmas rolled around, I knew I wanted to thank her; thank her in a way i am passionate about. I wanted to photograph her and her gorgeous family.
We battled through the boys' tears and runny noses; managed to get maybe one photo with the entire family smiling. But isn't that the beauty of a family session? Raw chaos. Everyone knows that the family portraits awkwardly forced with smiles and painting the picture of 'perfection' isn't realistic. Having a family of four is chaotically wonderful.