In 8th grade, I went through confirmation at my church in Kansas City. Rebekah Wampler, my group leader, inspired & guided me through many question, doubts, and joyous moments. My faith blossomed that year because of her sweet wisdom and support.

6 years later, she is now the mother of two sweet boys. while we don't talk on a regular basis, my admiration for her has yet to cease. This year, as christmas rolled around, I knew I wanted to thank her; thank her in a way i am passionate about. I wanted to photograph her and her gorgeous family.
We battled through the boys' tears and runny noses; managed to get maybe one photo with the entire family smiling. But isn't that the beauty of a family session? Raw chaos. Everyone knows that the family portraits awkwardly forced with smiles and painting the picture of 'perfection' isn't realistic. Having a family of four is chaotically wonderful.