Jon + Christina share something special. Their wedding day, January 6th, 2017, was all about their love; nothing else. It was just them (with me quietly following in the shadows) and the officiant, of course. The day focused on their covenant they made to each other and to God without the hindering distractions that could often arise during a large wedding . Their day was raw, intimate, and simple, yet beautiful. 

We started the day off getting Christina's hair and makeup done by the lovely Shayley Benham. While playing Christina’s wedding day playlist she had made the night before, we drove to the Justice of Peace Office where Jon + Christina saw each other for the first time. The marriage license was signed, vows were exchanged and tears were most definitely shed. After they said ‘i do’ within the walls of a small conference room, we ran outside to the snow- warm with adrenaline and bliss. We ran around town like children, giggling out of pure happiness because they had officially eloped. 

Love doesn’t necessarily call attention to itself. It is not always meant to be loud. Only the officiant and I heard the vows shared between Jon & Christina; a humbling and beautiful experience I will never forget.