I shot a wedding in October where I met the most incredible bridesmaids. There were well over 10 of them, but every single woman I came in contact with was so warm and encouraging. God has been so wonderful with building those relationships past that wedding date and now- months later- I am still in contact with most of them. Christian was one of those bridesmaids and now I have the privilege of shooting her wedding in July!! The relational aspect of photography is by far my favorite part of the job and it has been so wonderful to walk next to Christian during this engagement process and later on, her wedding day. 

Christian and Thaddeus are a beautiful example of a relationship that is rooted in Christ and their love for each other is like a light-- something that everyone can see and because of it, you feel happy and encouraged. Their engagement session was easy-going, uplifting and so much fun. They are absolutely lovely in every way and I pray that these photos show that.