2017 has been a year of bravery. 

A year of doing things I never thought I would do-- nor did I think I was capable of.

Being a student in college, pursing photography seemed unrealistic. I battled with the "I'll just wait until I graduate," and the " "No one will take you seriously because you are young," lies. But Jesus gently pushed me towards my passion and I went for it. 

Was it hard to balance school and photography? As well as my faith, friends, a boyfriend, family, and taking care of myself? Oh Heavens YES. But, I wouldn't trade that hardship for the world.

I did it. With the help of my Savior and the love of those close to me. 

I am proud of myself for taking the difficult road and pushing myself to do more. Of course, it is scary, but this year, I have learned that comfort is the enemy of progress and I chose and continue to choose to progress.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart to everyone who trusted me to take their senior photos, family photos, engagement photos, wedding photos and everything in between. YOU are the reason that this year was what it was. I cannot put into words the gratitude I feel toward each and everyone of you. Genuinely. 

Here is a small scrapbook of a few experiences/photos from the year that are close to my heart.

I Traveled along the west coast with my closest friends.

Filmed the most beautiful wedding in Vail, Colorado.

I went to Utah with my best friend.

I Photographed my close friend, Jo Johnson's, surprise proposal! She thought Joe Crockett and I were just having them model for us-- tehe she had no idea.

Swam in the ocean for the first time in Destin, Florida with Jo Johnson.

I went on a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

I had a super long layover in L.A. Thanks Joe Crockett for the photos :)

I visited and fell in love with Portland, Oregon. 

AND... photograhed and filmed the most incredible weddings!!!